Low, Medium and High-tech Greenhouses

Greenhouses are a technology-based investment. There are mainly three categories of greenhouses: Low technology, Middle technology, and High technology. The higher the level of technology used, the greater potential for achieving tightly controlled growing conditions.

Low technology greenhouse characteristics:

  • Greenhouses are maximum of 3 meters in total height.

  • They do not have vertical walls.

  • They have poor ventilation.

  • This type of structure is relatively inexpensive and easy to erect.

Best for:

  • lower volume production

  • limited budgets

  • operations which benefit from a very affordable labor cost

Medium technology greenhouses characteristics:

  • Typically characterized by vertical walls

  • Walls range from 2m to 4m and total height is usually less than 5.5m.

  • Hydroponic systems increase the efficiency of water use

  • Production in medium-level greenhouses can be more efficient than field production.


Best for:

  • Average volume production

  • Clients who want to upgrade from low tech greenhouses

  • Clients who want to save on labor costs

High technology greenhouses characteristics:

  • Wall height of at least 4 meters, with the roof peak being up to 8 meters above ground level.

  • Superior crop and environmental performance.

  • High automatization


Best for:

  • High-volume production

  • Clients who want to save on labor costs

  • Clients who have a larger budget

  • Clients willing to invest in superior technology

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