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By the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and the Rural Development Agency, the Imereti Agro Zone is implementing the Greenhouse Cluster Development project on 220 ha. A unique opportunity to invest - buy or lease infrastructurally fully developed land in the western part of Georgia, Imereti region, blessed with an ideal climate and fertile soil conditions. Owner and founder of 100% share of LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" is the NNLP "Rural Development Agency."


The Imereti Agro Zone land plot - 220 ha is divided into 159 ha in Tskaltubo and 61 ha in Baghdati municipalities. Sites are close to the national highway, railroad, airport, seaports, and regional and international markets.

The Government of Georgia and Imereti Agro Zone ensure the development of internal and external infrastructure on 220 ha of land. Providing public transport services, fencing the entire perimeter, installing security systems, and essential utility Infrastructure – Electricity, Gas, irrigation and drinking Water, and Sewage systems on both production sites.


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As you are aware, the main goal of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MEPA)  is to form and implement governmental policy to develop the Georgian Agriculture sector. To serve this purpose, The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, with close cooperation of financial institutes, conducted research starting in 2014. As a result, different sectors of Agriculture were prioritized, and the Rural Development Agency (RDA) ensures their development.


Accordingly to the research, the greenhouse cluster development project in Imereti Region was defined as one of the priorities. Therefore, the Rural Development Agency established the Imereti Agro Zone (IAZ) to ensure the greenhouse cluster development in Imereti Region, Tskaltubo, and Baghdati Municipality on 220 ha land plots. One of the crucial parts of IAZ is a membership-based Horticultural and Training Demo Center (HTDC) established in March 2022. The Government of Georgia has allocated a 4.2 ha land plot where with close partnership with Center members, demonstrational-training greenhouses will be built. HTDC will serve Imereti Agro Zone tenants and up to 20 000 farmers engaged in greenhouse activities in the region and farmers from around Georgia and neighboring countries. The project also includes establishing the Collecting Logistic Center, which will offer services to farmers of western Georgia.

Otar Shamugia - Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia

 The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture fully supports the IAZ greenhouse cluster development project. The project concept corresponds to every primary pursuit of our ministry policy:

  • Providing vocational education

  • Expanding domestic markets

  • Improving export markets

  • Quality assurance and certification

  • Supplying the demanded amount of electricity and other utility services

  • Providing the following services to ensure the success of the business: Agronomical, financial, legal, and organizational consultation

  • Creating additional jobs.

With the name of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture, Rural Development Agency, and Imereti Agro Zone, I thank you for your interest in the project. We expect a close partnership with potential investors to finish the project successfully.

Project Governance


Production Sites

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Greenhouse production in the Imereti region villages

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