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By the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" is implementing a Greenhouse Cluster Development project in the Imereti region. Owner and founder of 100% share of LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" is the NNLP "Rural Development Agency."


Greenhouse cluster production sites are located in Tskaltubo municipality - in the village of Partskhanakanevi (159 ha) and Baghdati municipality - in the village of Vartsikhe (61 ha). The plots are divided into technological zones: high-medium and low technological zones.


According to the project concept, Imereti Agro Zone will develop all the necessary infrastructure on the existing plots, which is essential for greenhouse operations. In addition, the project aims to provide a "single-window"  service for cluster members. Services will include - customs, public registry, food safety agency, and other state and third party services.


On March 1, 2021, LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" announced a nonbinding Expression of Interest, which ended on April 30. All interested parties were invited to participate in the Greenhouse Cluster Development Project. The primary purpose of announcing the international, transparent, and public EoI was to introduce the Imereti Agro Zone Greenhouse Cluster Development Project. 

On November 1, 2021, LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" announced a Request for Proposal, which ended on December 31. The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project offered RfP Applicants the opportunity to invest in the IAZ GHCD project through various possibilities: Greenhouse, Horticultural Training and Demo Centre (HTDC), Collecting Logistics Centre (CLC), Ancillary businesses, Asset&Overall management, and Agro Energy and Utilities (AEU).    

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Support Letter from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture 
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Levan Davitashvili

The core function of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia is to develop and implement a unified government policy on the development of the agricultural sector of Georgia. Since 2014, MEPA, which is in close cooperation with IFIs, has conducted different surveys, identifying and prioritizing regional agricultural sectors to be developed through its Rural Development Agency (RDA). One of the main priority projects has been the development of the Greenhouse Cluster in the Imereti region. As a result, Imereti Agro Zone LLC (IAZ) was established to manage the 220 ha Greenhouse Cluster development in Partskhanakanevi Village, Tskaltubo Municipality, and Vartsikhe Village, Baghdati Municipality.

Through the development of the Imereti Agro Zone, all relevant policy objectives of MEPA are addressed: 

  • Import substitution 

  • Development of export markets 

  • Quality assurance and certification, training and development 

  • Appropriate delivery of required energy and utility services 

  • Provision of additional qualification services, such as financial, legal, and organizational consulting services 

  • Provision of local jobs 

The IAZ's Greenhouse Cluster Development Project has Ministry's full support. MEPA undertakes all necessary actions in its capacity as may be required and promote matters under the authority of other Ministries, Departments, or Government Agencies, such as the "Enterprise Georgia" Agency and dedicated IFI fundings. 
On behalf of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, RDA and IAZ, we thank you for your expressed interest in the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project's RfP process. We look forward to working closely with selected Applicants to bring the project to a successful conclusion. 

For the project, a Steering Committee was established. The 1st IAZ Steering Committee meeting was held in February 2020, where the MEPA First Deputy Minister, Mr. Giorgi Khanishvili, was appointed as a chairman.

The IAZ Steering Committee members represent the GoG at the highest level, with representatives from RDA, MEPA, and IAZ international consultancy service provider JV GeoHolding & KSH Consortium.

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