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Greenhouse Cluster Development Project

By the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and the Rural Development Agency, the Imereti Agro Zone is implementing the greenhouse cluster development project. A unique opportunity to invest - buy or lease infrastructurally fully developed land in the western part of Georgia, Imereti region, blessed with an ideal climate and fertile soil conditions.


The Government of Georgia ensures the development of internal and external infrastructure on 220 ha of land. Providing public transport services, fencing the entire perimeter, installing security systems, and essential utility Infrastructure – Electricity, Gas, irrigation and drinking Water, and Sewage systems on both production sites.


The Imereti Agro Zone land plot is divided into 159 ha in Tskaltubo and 61 ha in Baghdati municipalities. Sites are close to the national highway, railroad, airport, seaports, and regional and international markets.


Imereti Agro Zone Production sites will be supplied with all primary utility Infrastructure. More than 100 MW of electricity and 40 mil m3 of natural gas supply will be available to meet individual farmers’ needs. Other utility infrastructure includes drinking and irrigation, Water supply, and sewage systems connected to individual plots.

Imereti Agro Zone offers the opportunity to interested parties to invest in various technological greenhouses. To buy or lease infrastructurally fully developed land plots in the Imereti Region. Investors can produce various agricultural products, such as vegetables, herbs, berries, flowers, etc.







NNLE Horticultural Training and Demonstration Center


Regional NNLE "Horticultural Training and Demonstration Center" (HTDC) was founded in March 2022 by LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" as a knowledge transfer platform for modern Agri-technologies, equipment, and growth cultivation. ​On the 1.4 ha land plot, HTDC will build a recreational area. The center will serve the Imereti Agro Zone Greenhouse Cluster members, farmers from all over Georgia, and even neighboring countries, e.g., Armenia and Azerbaijan. Besides the training facilities and programs, a special education program needs to be developed by HTDC in partnership with local and international educational institutions, addressing low-tech farmers and enabling them to grow into low/medium and medium technology greenhouse growers. 

HTDC - Development Map.jpg

JSC Collecting Logistics Center

Imereti Agro Zone considers the Collecting Logistics Centre as one of the critical aspects of the Green House Cluster Development project. Logistics Centre aims to collect agricultural products from the Imereti Agro Zone tenants and 5,000 farmers recognized as a greenhouse cluster by UNIDO’s research in the Imereti region around the Imereti Agro Zone production site villages. The estimated total capacity of the Collecting logistics center will be 200 metric tons per day. For full chain service provision Logistics Centre will provide the following services: Collecting, Sorting, grading, Washing, Packaging, Selling, Research, and market data collection.

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