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Request for Proposals

Timeframes and process

The Request of Proposals (RfP) requires applicants to submit a binding proposal based on the requirements set out in this RfP process. 


The RfP process seeks to engage the private sector to develop proposals that will meet the project objectives competitively. Accordingly, IAZ intends to enter into contractual arrangements to deliver the project with the applicants that best meet this requirement. 

To register as an applicant, interested parties must provide the completed Returnable Schedules.

Start date: September 1st, 2023 

Deadline: 18:00 (GMT+ 4), October 31st, 2023 

Contact mail: 

After submission of Returnable Schedule 1: Registration, applicants will receive access to the data room, with all documents connected to the IAZ's GHCD Project. 

Additionally, interested applicants are welcome to join the online investor briefing for further details about the project. 

Registration start date: September 1st, 2023

Registration deadline: 18:00 (GMT+ 4), October 3rd, 2023

Online meeting date: 13:00 (GMT+4), October 4th, 2023 

Registration link for investor briefing: FOR REGISTRATION CLICK HERE

To download Returnable schedules and Presentation, please follow the link

Note: IAZ does not intend to reimburse or contribute to costs incurred by Applicants in preparing Proposals or participation in the RfP processes more generally. 

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