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LLC "Imereti Agro Zone" announces market research

LLC Imereti Agro Zone ID - 405231020

LLC Imereti Agro Zone plans to announce a contest for the procurement of consulting services for the final stage of the second phase of the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project (RfP stage - request for proposal ). Please refer to the technical assignment of the procurement object specified in the attached file. Estimated deadlines for the provision of services (Appendix N1) (it is crucial to follow the deadlines set by the buyer for each stage); For the qualification requirements (Appendix N2) and no later than May 19, 2021, at 14:00 to determine the estimated value of the procurement object, submit your offer following Appendix N3, to the e-mail address: To confirm the qualification requirements, request additional documentation, such as contracts and/or acceptance acts and/or letters of recommendation and/or staff CVs, to determine the potential supplier's experience and/or qualifications and/or its contractor company and team. Etc. Must be sent to the same e-mail no later than 3 (three) business days after the request. Thank you in advance for participating in the market research.

Contact person: Natia Megrelishvili Tel: 598-60-10-30

For more information, please visit the link:


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