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IAZ becomes EBA member

European Business Association (EBA) is a Member- Driven organization, registered in Georgia in 2017 with a very clear vision that doing business in Georgia will be the same as doing business in Europe. Perfect timing and pursuit of our mission that involves facilitating the development of trade and investment between Georgia and Europe has resulted in EBA becoming one of the key players in the Georgian business network.

The EBA has more than 100 members, including large companies from different sectors such as Banking, Audit, Insurance, Tourism, Hospitality, Law, Agriculture, Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical and etc. as well as small and medium-sized

enterprises that share European Values. The EBA represents the interests of its

members in all its actions. With this respect, it constantly organizes round tables, working meetings, and seminars on the most problematic issues that members identify as their main challenges and prepares position papers based on the members’ views and considerations. In addition, EBA advocates for European Businesses in Georgia and is reactively as well as proactively involved in all the processes which help to create an open and accessible environment for investment and business development. Furthermore, EBA is offering different services to its members based on their needs and expectations, such as business consulting, mediation and arbitration and etc.


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