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Advice for farmers

  • Wind speed in the region –we check if this area has had typhoons in the past 20 years.

  • The specific crop that will be grown – Certain crops, as they grow, are tied to the structure of the greenhouse and add to the load on the structure.

  • Snowfall in the planned region – Does it ever snow in this region, and if so, how much and how often is expected?

  • Annual precipitation – The annual and seasonal precipitation.

  • Environmental temperature – How will the temperature in the greenhouse be affected by a change in season? What has the weather in this area been like in the past 20 years? We use this information to learn the expected weather for the following years.

  • Radiation – What will be the amount of radiation in the greenhouse due to photosynthesis?

  • Humidity – what is the relative humidity in the region? Does it have any effect on the specific crop?

  • Water quality – Is the irrigation water in the greenhouse area “good quality,” or does it require treatment?

  • Soil analysis – Is the soil in the region enabling it to grow in soil, or do we need a different solution.

  • Precipitation analysis – Is the precipitation in the region enabling us to grow in NH, or should we look for a Greenhouse? Is there any heavy rain season that needs a special drainage system?


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