Utility Providers

Proposed commercial structure​

IAZ invites utility companies to bid for the IAZ internal provision of electricity, gas, water, and sewage services, for the farming businesses operating and ancillary businesses operating in the IAZ.​

IAZ will provide the timely development of the external infrastructure, e.g., utility service relocation works to relocate and protect services such as electricity, gas, sewer, and water mains.​

Businesses operating in the IAZ will be contractually obliged to source their utility requirements from the company/companies contracted by IAZ. ​

utilitychart NOTEXT.png

Services to be Provided



Drinking Water

Data Cable

max capacity: 100 MW/hour

40 mil cubic meters p.a.

16,400 cubic meters p.a.

approx. 100 corporate users

Tenure Arrangements​

The Project will be delivered under appropriate tenure and access arrangements applicable to both the development and operating phases. Utility companies will be provided with access to proper areas/channels along internal roads developed by IAZ. Please refer to production site information for further details, giving complete details of the plots offered for occupation.​


Handover requirements​

IAZ will complete the external infrastructure and preparation of the plots offered under this EoI on an ongoing basis, plot-by-plot as assigned in 2 phases in the preliminary business plan, starting from Spring 2022 to 2024. ​


Utility companies being contracted as successful Respondents following the conclusion of the RFP stage will be expected to complete the provision of the utility services in parallel with the plot development as phased by the IAZ.​