Training Providers

for the Horticultural Training & Demo Center (HTDC)



As an integral part of meeting policy objectives, a Horticultural Training and Development Center ("HTDC") will be operated within the IAZ. It will serve tenants of the IAZ and the farming diaspora in the Imereti region as a service to the public. A dedicated plot of approx. 1.1 ha has been earmarked for the HTDC.​

Proposed commercial structure​


The HTDC is envisaged to be self-sustaining through fees collected for training provided, sponsorships, and potential donorship and NGO support. In addition, GoG envisages providing service payments for the operation of HTDC and impose abatements, both to be defined at the RFP stage.​

The responsible Ministries support the formal recognition under the vocational training law/framework of Georgia. ​


Project Finance​

For note, various Development Agencies, including UNDP, USAID, and EBRD, have expressed their in-principle readiness to support the development of CAPEX and ongoing operations of the HTDC. ​

HTDC Layout.png