RfP Target Groups

The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project offers RfP Applicants the opportunity to invest in the IAZ GHCD project through various possibilities:

  • Applicants interested in the privileged usage of the lands offered by IAZ with a fully developed infrastructure able to sustain high levels of agricultural production, which can be high-medium and low technology;

  • Applicants interested in the development and operation of the Horticultural Training and Demo Center (HTDC);

  • Applicants interested in the performance of Logistical services;

  • Applicants interested in the Utility supply and distribution;

  • Applicants interested in the direct investment in the IAZ and/or performance of the overall management of IAZ, this may include banks and asset management companies;​

  • Applicants interested in the performance of ancillary businesses such as supply services, equipment supplies, banking services, quality assurance & certification, and consumer services.


 Potential Applicants:

  • High-Medium Tech. Greenhouse Investors

  • Low-Tech Greenhouse investors

  • Farmer's Associations

  • Cooperatives

  • Private Investors


 Potential Applicants:

  • Input suppliers

  • Private and/or State Universities

  • Vocational Educational Centers 

  • Sponshorships

  • NGOs

  • Private Investors


 Potential Applicants:

  • O&M Companies

  • IAZ tenants

  • The Cluster Members

  • Financial Institutions

  • International quality certification


 Potential Applicants:

  • Agri-input Suppliers

  • Quality Assurance

  • Banks

  • Retailers

  • Private Investors


 Potential Applicants:

  • O&M companies

  • Asset management companies

  • Private Investors 

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 Potential Applicants:

  • Energy supplier companies

  • Renewable energy companies

  • Private Investors