Good news: Georgia remains open for business! – please visit our dedicated page ( for a full briefing on the conditions applicable for entering Georgia during the COVID-19 pandemic.


As Imereti Agro Zone recognizes, business travel may be restricted, e.g., because of quarantine requirements or the lack of suitable flight connections, we are offering all qualified Applicants of the IAZ – RfP a new service: our RfP Matchmaking Platform.


This Matchmaking Platform involves three steps:


  1. Applicants complete the Returnable Schedule – Registration (please visit for the full set of RfP documents)

  2. If you are interested in participating in the Matchmaking Platform, please provide an additional 1-page letter, describing your company background, which products or services your company provides, and what type of company you would like to be matched with

  3. After concluding the eligibility assessment, IAZ will publish the matchmaking request and the 1-page letter in the following format:

Matchmaking Table For WIX - ENG 20.12.21 Vpdf_page-0001.jpg
Matchmaking Table For WIX - ENG 20.12.21 Vpdf_page-0002.jpg
Matchmaking Table For WIX - ENG 20.12.21 Vpdf_page-0003.jpg

For the record, it is allowed under the RfP to team up with other companies and submit a joint proposal, e.g., as a consortium or via a particular purpose vehicle created to participate in the RfP. However, if Applicants decide to do so, they must identify a Lead Applicant Member. Please refer to the Returnable Schedule – Proposal for further details.




IAZ will be supplying contact data of third parties solely to help third parties to advance a Proposal under the RfP, serving the ultimate aim of realizing the policy objectives as stated in the RfP document. 


IAZ will not be responsible for any information supplied about any interested third party in providing the Matchmaking Platform. Under no circumstances IAZ shall be liable for any suggestions or representations made by any third party. Applicants should rely solely on their due diligence on any such third party and validate any information.