Expression of Interest (EoI)

In early March Imereti Agro Zone will formally invite all interested parties internationally to take part in the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project by publishing the Invitation for Expression of Interest.

The announcement of the international, transparent, public EOI is aiming to introduce the IAZ greenhouse cluster project development opportunities to local farmers, co-operatives, entrepreneurs, vegetable, herb and berry primary and/or secondary producers and is inviting them with a transparent public offer to benefit from the offered opportunity by IAZ privileged financial and legal structuring possibilities, technology assistance and vocational training opportunities for the local labor, future agronomists, sales men, agricultural production managers, accountants and book keepers, product certification specialists etc. ​

With the EoI, IAZ will be inviting the well-established international and local agricultural input supplier companies together with different type of technology greenhouse producers to benefit from the offered opportunity and cooperate with IAZ greenhouse Cluster on the bases of the technology and knowledge sharing principles to be presented to the public through the IAZ Horticultural Training & Demo Centre (HTDC).​

With the EoI, IAZ will also be inviting highly rated and/or well-established O&M companies with an offer to operate IAZ day to day bases service providing activities for different IAZ potential private beneficiaries, that amongst others, include natural gas and electricity distribution, water supply and maintenance, and waste management for the IAZ potential private beneficiaries.