IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development (GHCD) Project

For the purpose of the Greenhouse Cluster Development, IAZ announced an international contest for the procurement of consulting services, in which the Georgian-Dutch Joint Venture "GeoHolding & KSH Consortium" became the winner. This company has delivered the 1st Phase Final Report, which includes a Cluster concept, structure and the extensive list of works associated with it.

LLC IAZ as a Greenhouse Cluster Developer & an O&M Service Provider 

IAZ is in close cooperation with the IFIs, Development Agencies, and Embassies that are present in Georgia. With it's Greenhouse Cluster Development Project, as a project developer and service provider, Imereti Agro Zone is offering wide range of services to its project beneficiaries, such as:

  • O&M infrastructure​​;

  • One window for Import and Export​​;

  • One window for National and International Standards​​;

  • Financial and Legal Consultancy​​;

  • Energy Resources​​;

  • Waste management​​;

  • Technical Consultancy​​;

  • Agricultural Technology Consultancy​​;

  • Trainings Center facility​;

IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development (GHCD) Project Governance

For the purpose of the project, a Steering Committee has been established. The 1st IAZ Steering Committee meeting was held in February 2020. The IAZ 1st Steering Committee appointed the MEPA Deputy Minister Mr. Giorgi Khanishvili as the Chairman of the IAZ Steering Committee and has approved introduced members of the MEPA Minister Advisory Board for the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development ("GHCD") project. The IAZ Steering Committee members are representing the GoG at the highest level together with other representatives from RDA, MEPA and IAZ international consultancy service provider JV GeoHolding & KSH Consortium.

Three IAZ Steering Committee meetings have been held in 2020 that lead to the successful coordination and finally to the successful completion of the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development 1st Stage implementation and has approved the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development project 2021 2nd Stage Road Map. ​

IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development (GHCD) Project Steering Committee


Steering Committee Chairman

Steering Committee Members

Mr. Giorgi Khanishvili

MEPA First Deputy Minister

Mr. Giorgi Kakauridze

MoF Deputy Minister

Ms. Mzia Giorgobiani

MRDI Deputy Minister

Mr. Akaki Saghirashvili

MoJ Deputy Minister

Mr. Ilia Tamarashvili

RDA Director 

Mr. Davit Tvalabeishvili

MoESD Deputy Minister  

Mr. Mikheil Khidureli

Enterprise Georgia Director  


MoESD - Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development;

MRDI - Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure;

MoF - Ministry of Finance;

MoJ - Ministry of Justice;

RDA - Rural Development Agency;

MEPA - Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture;

GHKSH - JV 'GeoHolding & KSH Consortium'

Mr. Otar Shamugia

MEPA Deputy Minister 

Mr. Archil Bukia

IAZ Director 

Mr. Michael North

GHKSH Financial Expert 

Mr. Giorgi Razmadze


Mr. Giorgi Dadiani

GHKSH Exec. Director 

Mr. Marius Pakker

GHKSH Technological Expert 

Mr. Giorgi Pantsulaia

RDA Deputy Director 

Mr. Karel Spiertz

GHKSH Vice Exec. Director 

Mr. Eberhard Brodhage

GHKSH Financial Expert