IAZ Horticultural Training & Demo Center (HTDC) 

In close cooperation with the Development Agencies, IFIs, and

the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture And Sport of Georgia

IAZ is inviting Agri-input providers to participate with IAZ (in cooperation with IFIs and Development Agencies) in developing the IAZ Horticultural Training & Demo Center (HTDC) at the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project Tskaltubo Site:


Phase 1

Phase 2

Screenshot 2021-02-22 013039.png

High Tech (Total plot surface 148,830 m2)​

Middle Tech (Total plot surface 211,543 m2)

Low Tech (Total plot surface 225,845 m2)

Foil (Total plot surface 294,979 m2)

Nethouse (Total plot surface 73,222 m2)

Tunnel (Total plot surface 69,32 m2)

Horticultural Training & Demo Center (HTDC) Layout

htdc pilot ppp.png

Knowledge transfer of modern technologies, equipment & growth cultivation




•Managers and technical staff

•Agricultural students


•Technical aspects of greenhouse production

•Sustainable growth technology

•Enterprise, labor management

•Food safety


•Donations of companies to present innovative technologies

•Course fees

•Production & Sales of harvest

•Grant provision

Invitation to the Agri-Input Companies to Participate in Development of HTDC

IAZ invites international and local greenhouse producers, equipment, and other Agri input supplier companies to participate in the IAZ Horticultural Training & Demonstration Centre (HTDC) development process. As a result, companies can provide their products as a showcase and, in the long run, be able to benefit from: 
•Presenting and selling their products and services to up to 93 vegetable, herb, berry, and flower producers at the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development project site in Tskaltubo and Baghdati.

•Presenting and selling their products and services to the several existing thousands of farmers and cooperatives with up to 70% herb and the most vegetable, berry, and flower produces in Georgia.

•Introducing their products to the training programs and the trainees from regional markets, like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, etc.