Greenhouse Investors

The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project on 220 ha land offers farmers and agricultural businesses varied opportunities to invest in High-Medium and/or Low Technology greenhouses. 

In the scope of the GHCD project the following incentives have been developed in order to attract potential investors:

Unique legal & financial basis for foreign investors

  • To purchase and obtain 100% ownership of the desired agricultural land plot;

  • To lease and obtain the desired agricultural land plot on a long-term basis.



Offered land plot parcels

  • Both production sites are in relatively close distance to the regional & Eastern European markets;

  • Both production sites are in close range to the national highway, railroad, airport, and seaports.


Availability of single-window services offered by IAZ on the production sites

  • Quality insurance certificates according to different export market requirements;

  • Phytosanitary certificates, issued by National Food Agency (NFA);

  • Import & exports declarations;

  • State registration documentation from the MoJ Service Hall.
NFA Logo.png

Completely developed infrastructure and available energy sources

  • 7m wide concrete access road to Tskaltubo land plot and 7m wide asphalt road to access Baghdati land plot from the national highway;

  • 7m and 5m wide internal roads with direct access to individual land plots;

  • Public transport infrastructure availability on both production sites.