Greenhouse Investors



The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development on 220 ha land offers farmers and agricultural businesses varied opportunities to invest via designated plots for High-Tech Greenhouses, Medium Tech greenhouses, foil and net greenhouses, and open fields specially designated zone, organic farming.​


All investors in the IAZ benefit from IAZ's centrally operated full-service facilities, including quality assurance, storage and logistics, agri-business supplies, and a horticultural training and development center.​


Investing in the IAZ offers investors to capitalize on the proximity to national roads, the E60 Highway, a railway connecting Eastern and Western parts of Georgia, Kopitnari Airport (near Kutaisi), and the ports of Batumi and Poti, for national, regional, and international shipping facilities.​

Proposed commercial structure​

The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development is designed to deliver MEPA's policy objectives by operating a" best practice" farming cluster, encouraging innovation in Georgia's agricultural sector, improving productivity, and achieving meaningful contributions to the substitution of import and growth export markets. ​

IAZ wishes to attract businesses which​

  • retain and attract industry investment​

  • deliver new and skilled jobs​

  • contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Imereti regional economy​

At the same time, the IAZ is committed to providing employment opportunities for the population of the Imereti region while recognizing social and environmental concerns and requirements.​

Preference will be given to respondents submitting proposals meeting the requirements of IAZ.​

Commercial considerations and principles​


IAZ is implementing the Greenhouse Cluster Development to strengthen the economic and social growth of the Imereti region. To deliver on this objective, contracts of sale and ancillary documents will include special conditions that require purchasers or lessees of the land to make binding commitments to project objectives.​

The agreement containing sales terms will include the following sale terms:​

  • Purchasers having substantially commenced their site development works typically within.;

  • Two years of settlement;​

  • Purchasers committing to reaching agreed employment targets typically within ​

  • Three years of settlement;​

  • Purchasers being precluded from subdivision of their plot until employment and development objectives have been delivered.​

  • Settlement of the sale of contracted allotments typically takes place within 28 days of the Plan of Subdivision registration.​

  • If the purchaser does not meet the agreed commitments, the State will have the right to repurchase the site on stipulated terms.​

The commercial principles to be adopted for the Project will be consistent with Georgia's applicable laws and policies, including Georgia's PPP Policy and Guidelines. 


Tenure Arrangements​

The Project will be delivered under appropriate tenure and access arrangements applicable to Development Phase and Operating Phase, for a total of 93 plots varying in size from 0.3 ha to 8.8 ha, to be offered for either sale or lease. Please refer to site information slides for further details, providing complete details of the plots offered for occupation.​

Respondents are encouraged to nominate one or more plots shown in the indicative plans on the site information slides. Should there be competing interest on a plot, the bid evaluated in relation to the weighted criteria outlined in part 1, "The Opportunity" – EOI Evaluation – criteria with the highest score, will secure the plot. Respondents should therefore provide second and third options.​

Handover requirements​

IAZ will complete the external infrastructure and prepare the plots offered under this EOI on an ongoing basis, plot-by-plot as assigned in 2 phases, starting from spring 2022 to 2024. Plots will be handed over to the successful Respondents following the conclusion of the RFP stage for their further development of the plot-internal infrastructure. ​