EoI Target Groups

The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project offers EoI Respondents the opportunity to invest across the four pillars of the project:

  • Investors interested in the direct investment in the IAZ and/or performance of the overall management of IAZ as a central and privileged state agent in the proposed format of a PPP- transaction, this may include banks and asset management companies;

  • Investors interested in the performance of ancillary businesses such as logistical services, supply services, equipment supplies, banking services, quality assurance & certification, consumer services, and educational/vocational training services which can be exercised on a single license basis;

  • Investors interested in the development and continued operations of the Horticultural Training and Development Centre ("HTDC");

  • Investors interested in the privileged usage of the lands offered by IAZ with a fully developed infrastructure able to sustain high levels of agricultural production, which can be high technology, middle technology, and low technology levels;

  • For clarification, the project initiator MEPA and IAZ welcome foreign direct investment in the opportunities described above, including the investment in IAZ itself and the potential involvement of Georgia's PPP Agency. 

 Potential Respondents:

  • O&M Providers

  • Investors (Private or PPP)

  • Asset Managers

  • General O&M Contract with IAZ

  • Equity Investment in IAZ

  • Purchase of IAZ

 Potential Respondents:

  •  Private Investors

  •  PPP Structures

  • Utility Providers

  • Renewable Energy Generation

  • Logistics Providers

  • Agri-input Suppliers

  • Quality Assurance

  • Banks

  • Retailers​

 Potential Respondents:

  •  Private Investors

  •  PPP Structures

  • Sponsorships

  • NGOs

  • Donorships

 Potential Respondents:

  • Private Investors

  • Farmer's Associations

  • Cooperatives

  • PPP Structures

  • Hi-Tech Greenhouses

  • Medium Tech Greenhouses

  • Low Tech Greenhouses

  • Foil & Net Greenhouses

  • Open-Field Farming

  • Organic Farming