IAZ Dairy Farm Social Project

IAZ Dairy Farm 125 ha Development Site in Tskaltubo Municipality

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IAZ is planning to develop a Dairy Farm on a 125 ha land plot. The goal of the project is to support Kopitnari IDP settlement and Partskhanakanevi inhabitants in developing and organizing a modern, self-sustainable cattle farm for milk production with the future growth perspectives that could create opportunities to generate more income by:

  • Officially acquiring the 125 ha land plot for pastures and cattle food production​

  • Organizing modern cow barn, milking and storage facilities according to the international standards​​

  • Organizing the IDP settlement cow owners as a cooperative legal basis to conduct structured joint activities and create sustainable bases for the high-quality milk production and sales​

  • Creating jobs at the cattle farm and food production land plot site for the IDP community members​

  • Creating different training and educational program opportunities for the Kopitnari IDP settlement’s young inhabitants​

  • Organizing the produced milk competitive sales at an available market price by not being dependent on only one cheese producer cooperative as a wholesale buyer and/or other existing intermediaries to the market for smaller quantities.