IAZ Agro Energy and Utilities JSC 

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JSC IAZ intends to establish the IAZ Agro Energy and Utilities JSC in March 2022, to obtain a relevant license and permit from the GoG. JSC will buy required energy resources on the free market and supply/distribute demanded electricity and natural gas to its potential tenants. In addition, IAZ Agro Energy and Utilities JSC also intend to supply drinking and irrigation water to IAZ GHCD project member farmers and investors from its owned boreholes located on both IAZ production sites.​

•More than 40,000 MW electricity supply and distribution.

•More than 40 mil Cubic Meters of Natural Gas supply and distribution.

•Drinking & irrigation water supply and distribution.

Renewable Energy

The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development project considers supporting the cleaner energy generation technologies, with the aim and goal to replace, in specific achievable quantities, available traditional energy sources like the natural gas and

central grid electricity supply. With this initiative, IAZ intends to achieve:

  • The friendly environmental conditions at the IAZ greenhouse cluster project site

  • Relatively stable energy price (on the required heat and electricity for the greenhouses) and the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Project sustainability

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