IAZ Horticultural Training & Demo Center (HTDC) 

In close cooperation with the Development Agencies, IFIs, and

the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture And Sport of Georgia

As an integral part of meeting MEPA policy objectives, HTDC will be operated within the IAZ. It will serve both the tenants of the IAZ and – as a service to the public – IAZ Greenhouse Cluster member farmers of the farming diasporas of the western part of Georgia in general. A plot of approx 1.2 is dedicated for the HTDC. 

Horticultural Training & Demo Center (HTDC) Layout

htdc pilot ppp.png

Proposed HTDC legal structure

IAZ intends to establish a Non-entrepreneurial Non-commercial Legal Entity (NNLE) in order to invite different local and international educational centers and Agri-input companies to invest in developing the HTDC. 

Supporting HTDC development

The GoG has committed to supporting IAZ HTDC development by providing the land plot, delivering required infrastructure, required energy resources, and constructing the training center building facilities.  

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