Ancillary Businesses



​IAZ has the ambition to implement a "best in class" Greenhouse Cluster Development through the establishment, operations, and maintenance of the up to 220 ha facility occupied by the IAZ, ancillary business, a Horticultural Training and Demo Center, and potential farmers and greenhouse investors. 

An integral part of the Project, IAZ intends to function as a single-window – service provider for the tenants of the IAZ, through the participation of ancillary businesses including: 



•Logistics providers; 

•Agri-business suppliers; 

•Certification and laboratory analysis;



Agri-business suppliers

  • Presenting and selling their products and services tenants at the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project sites in Tskaltubo and Baghdati municipalities of the Imereti region.

  • Presenting and selling their products and services to the several existing thousands of farmers and cooperatives with up to 70% herb and the most vegetable, berry, and flower produces in Georgia.


Quality Assurance, Certification, and Laboratory Analysis

  • IAZ is inviting the well-established international and local quality assurance companies to participate in the IAZ GreenHouse Cluster Development Project and consider the possibility to provide services not only to the potential IAZ tenants but also to the thousands of small and medium-scale farmers and cooperatives located in the Imereti Region.



  • Within the IAZ, many businesses will be operating, with total employment of more than 700 individuals, constituting a captive client potential for general retailers to serve the daily needs of the company and their employees. Also, there exist opportunities for retailers of the various produce generated at the IAZ.




  • IAZ, the businesses operating within its area, and the employees represent a significant business opportunity for a bank seeking to expand its business in Georgia. The businesses will require a wide range of banking and payments services. As a “single-window,” IAZ will require Point of Sale (POS) facilities for debit/credit card payment, pay-in facilities and cash payment receipts, and current account services for incoming and outgoing domestic and international payments.