Cooperation with Development Agencies

IAZ and the Project Consultants have engaged with a wide range of International Financial Institutions, commercial banks and Development Agencies, expressing their in-principle support of the Project.  ​

IAZ is in close cooperation with various Development Agencies and is considering to sign the respective Memoranda of Understanding, with a sole purpose of supporting the IAZ greenhouse cluster development project. Active discussions are being held with USAID and UNDP, also with Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation MASHAV.

MEPA in turn has signed framework agreements in May 2019 with UNDP, FAO, IOM, and UNIDO, which will support the IAZ  Greenhouse Cluster Development Project.

Georgia is a beneficiary of manifold support from International Financial Institutions, Development Agencies, the European Union and a wide range of countries. IAZ has and will continue to promote the Greenhouse Cluster Development to such bodies, and if so required, provide qualified Respondents with access to these bodies. Equally, IAZ will consider to establish a co-operation with institutions that may be introduced to it by Respondents.​