IAZ Imereti Region-wide Logistics Center Pilot Project #1

Collecting Center for Vegetables, Herbs, Berries and Flowers

LLC IAZ is inviting interested parties, as a future minority shareholder, in cooperation with IFIs and Development Agencies (at certain terms and conditions), to develop a collecting logistics center, at the IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project Tskaltubo Site:


Phase 1

Phase 2

Ongoing Discussions with:


High Tech (Total plot surface 148,830 m2)

Middle Tech (Total plot surface 211,543 m2)

Low Tech (Total plot surface 225,845 m2)

Foil (Total plot surface 294,979 m2)

Nethouse (Total plot surface 73,222 m2)

Tunnel (Total plot surface 69,32 m2)

Collecting Logistics Center Layout

logistic pilot ppp.png

As part of the one window service offering of the IAZ, a logistics center will be established, providing:

  • Quality assurance

  • Certification

  • Consolidation of produce incl. inputs from Imereti Diaspora farmers as a public service;

  • (Cold) storage of produce

  • Boxing / crating, readying for collecting by buyers (free on board – “fob”)


The logistics Center may be established within the IAZ Service Ground, or at another nearby location, e.g. connected with the Kutaisi International Airport cargo terminal development.

Also, IAZ is joining and aligning itself with the Packaging Cluster (PMAG) development supported by UNDP.

Logistics center: alignment of IAZ objectives with existing packaging and logistic initiatives