IAZ will require a wide range of banking and payments services. As a “one stop shop”, IAZ will require Point of Sale (POS) facilities for debit / credit card payment, pay-in facilities and cash payment receipts, and current account services for incoming and outgoing domestic and international payments. 

Within the IAZ, approx. 100 businesses will be operating, constituting a captive client potential to a bank establishing a presence in the IAZ. These businesses will require the full range of corporate and commercial banking services, including the provision of medium - to long term loans, working capitals facilities, POS services, cash payment / ATM pay-in and pay-out services, domestic and internal payments, payroll services supplied to the market by the various local banks and the payment service providers.

Also, total employment in the IAZ will number more than 700 individuals, which could also be served as retail / individual clients of the bank. 

The IAZ, the businesses operating within its area and the employees represent a major business opportunity for a bank seeking to expand its business in Georgia, and bilateral approaches by the IAZ to a number of local banks operating in Georgia are envisaged to promote this opportunity. 

With the Invitation for Expression of Interest, IAZ invites all interested parties to participate in providing resources to the potential private beneficiaries of IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development (GHCD) project.


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